Dark Knight Rises

I saw Dark Knight Rises that opening weekend but it's amazing to me how many of my friends continue to ask me if I want to go see Dark Knight Rises. Literally, I get invitations to go see it every week since it opened and by friends who've already seen it!

Why do people want to see it again? Could it be that Dark Knight Rises is the best movie in the Batman trilogy? Because I thought the Dark Knight was better. DK had a popular villian in the Joker and better actor in Heath Ledger. Come on everyone remembers the "Y so serious?" line and that Halloween every other dude was the Joker. So why the mass appeal of Dark Knight Rises?

Could it be that people who wanted to see Dark Knight Rises but were scared off by the Aurora massacre are now wanting to come out to theaters again? We'll never really know for sure. Meanwhile, Dark Knight Rises continues to be #1 at the Box Office.


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