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As Summer winds down my favorite season is just a few weeks away! The Fall or the better word for it, Autumn, is almost here. I'm excited for the upcoming new Fall TV schedule and for FOOTBALL! If you watch a lot of TV you're also excited about the Fall and everyone in America watches a lot of TV so everyone's excited. And that's just indoors! lol Because when you go outside, you see the leaves change colors. Yes, New York City is one of those blessed cities in the world that has all four seasons with Autumn being the most colorful IMO.

Not only does Autumn give me something to look forward to and makes me feel great, it also makes me contemplative of what I did during the Summer. I normally use my day off on Labor Day to reflect upon what I did in the Summer. Sort of like that episode of Saved By The Bell where Zack Morris takes off from his first day of school to 'rest' because his mother told him to and Screech, Slater, Kelly, Jesse, and Lisa all cut class to visit him. If I remember correctly, even Mr Belding came to visit Zack. That's what Fall is all about, to reflect, think and relive the good memories of Summer.

The one thing I hate about Autumn however are the scarves! What's so special about a piece of cloth besides the fact that they protect your neck and face from the cold weather? I understand people love to get fancy with scarves, however, there could be an Indian Summer where it could be like 80 degrees outside on a warm November day and some people still rock the scarves! I guess these are the same people who wear sunglasses indoors. But to each their own.


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