How to make a guaranteed $20,000 each day at the Hollywood Stock Exchange!

Apparently it's easy to make money on You're automatically given $2 million dollars to trade movies, stars, etc. And each day you're given chances to win an easy $20,000 and a random chance to win $50,000. Mind you I'm talking fake money here but it's still a fun way to test your knowledge about Hollywood. I'm not a film buff but I'm competitive. I want to win at all cost. 

Today I want to share with you my strategy on how to make a guaranteed $20,000 each day at the Hollywood Stock Exchange. First you click on Earn H$ on the homepage then you click on Learn & Earn and you Google the question for the right answer. Do it daily for all five questions and you win yourself a cool ten grand. Don't get too excited though like I said before it's not real money. Okay, now second you move on to Movie Mogul and you click on it. Then you take the two movies from the head to head and you type that into where will get the exact lifetime gross of each movie. Do it for all five head to head and instantly you earn another ten grand. It's simple and very effective. Thirdly, then you take the money and you invest in talented movie stars and hopefully you will become a millionaire 3x over like I'm about to be on that site. Mind you it's fake money but it's really really fun! And I'm competitive so try and beat me. :)


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