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'The Avengers' Earn Over $600 Million Dollars

I was among the many that contributed to the record shattering box office opening weekend for 'The Avengers' to the tune of $207.4 million. Now the movie has out earned the original 'Titanic' run at the domestic box office. Foreign gross is at an astounding $1.44 billion dollars. Not bad return on investment for a $220 million dollar budget movie.

I remember waiting on line on a Sunday night to walk into the movie theater (we were second in line) and the hundred or so people after us. I knew on that day that I was apart of something special. Some of the crowd were fan boys and some of us were like me who was there just because our fan boy friends wanted to see it. The movie was incredibly appealing despite being what it is which is a movie based on comic book characters.

Marvel Studios and Walt Disney did a great job producing and distributing the film and deserve a lot of credit and I look forward to seeing more superhero films from them going forward.


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